Friday, June 27, 2008


I love my mom's pears!

My Cousin Kingslee

Today I went to have lunch with my cousin Kingslee...we had a great time! We got lots of pictures...we were so cute holding hands!

Koop and the swaddle

Kooper loves his miracle blanket! My friends Anna and Michelle told me it was a must! We got it when he was about a month old because he was getting out of the recieving blankets I was using to swaddle him. We have loved the blanket but now he is getting too big for it! He can't sleep without it! When he is tired and I swaddle him in it there is this look of relief on his face. He is starting to get out of it on his own and when he does he gets really upset, because he gets his hands in his face and wakes himself up. So I need to set a day aside and get ready for the crying and teach him how to sleep on his own without the miracle blanket!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Koop Helping Me with the baby food!

OOPS! I forgot to add this picture of Kooper helping me in the kitchen with the baby food!

Making Baby Food!

Today I made my first batch of baby food! I don't know why I am trying to get so domestic...I mean I don't even cook dinner at night for Brandon! I just thought I would give it a I made pears...boiled and then put them in the food processor...and then into the ice trays! I hope Kooper likes them! My kitchen sure was messy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visit with Wendy and the Girls!

We had such a great day today! We got to spend the full day with Wendy, Harper & London! We went to Chick fil A...we thought that it would be a good idea, but it was like being in the middle of a really BAD daycare! There were kids EVERYWHERE screaming! Then we went back to our house and London took a nap and Harper and Kooper played a bit...we had a great day!

Kooper & Harper Leigh
London on the move!

Blog: Day 1

Well I have decided to get creative(now that Kooper is sleeping through the night and taking good naps) and start a Blog. We take so many pictures of Kooper and our family and I think this will be the perfect way to share them with our friends and family!

Yesterday Kooper got his 4 month shots...he was not happy about this. He is doing better today a little fever but that is it! Today we are spending the day with my dear friend Wendy and her girls Harper and London. They moved to Curacao about a year ago and the last time they were home was at Christmas. I am so excited to show Kooper off today! I will post some pictures later :)

Guess that is all for now!