Friday, June 27, 2008

Koop and the swaddle

Kooper loves his miracle blanket! My friends Anna and Michelle told me it was a must! We got it when he was about a month old because he was getting out of the recieving blankets I was using to swaddle him. We have loved the blanket but now he is getting too big for it! He can't sleep without it! When he is tired and I swaddle him in it there is this look of relief on his face. He is starting to get out of it on his own and when he does he gets really upset, because he gets his hands in his face and wakes himself up. So I need to set a day aside and get ready for the crying and teach him how to sleep on his own without the miracle blanket!


Kim said...

Maybe you can just sew two of them together. I mean after all you're getting all domesticated with the home canning and all. What's next a garden in the back yard? Maybe you can grow it, harvest it, then boil and bag it!!! LOL

micahking said...

oh my sweet sister in law Kim! I am laughing so hard right now! :)