Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Morning Walks

Every morning we go walking with the Wright's! Kooper and I go over to Natalie & Davis' house and we walk for 45 minutes with the boys. They love it! Kooper normally naps, even though Natalie and I do our best to keep him awake. Davis has a few things he takes with him every day on our walk...he has his milk, his frog (who gets strapped in the extra seat beside him), a book, and a golf club. He just hangs out and plays with one of his toys. He loves to share his milk with Kooper. He will give it to me, and I lay it in Kooper's seat for a while. It is so cute how much Davis loves Kooper and loves to share with him. Of course while Davis is playing and Kooper is sleeping, Natalie and I do our best to solve the world's problems every morning at 8am! :)


Michelle said...

That sounds so fun! The boys are so super cute! I want to come for a visit next time I am there!