Sunday, November 2, 2008


Kooper has a new favorite toy...his dinousaur rocker his Aunt Wendy gave him. I had no idea he would be able to ride it so soon, but he loves it. It just came natural to him to "giddy up". It makes me laugh so hard because he gets this real serious look on his face! Thanks Aunt Wendy!

Why you should not let your brother feed your baby...

My brother was in town a few weekends ago...and I love when people are over because I can do things I normally can't, like take a long shower. So anyway I asked Mark to feed Kooper while I showered. He said "sure, I can handle that...I saw Brandon do it last problem."Well when I got out I went into the kitchen and Kooper is covered head to toe in food. I asked Mark what went wrong and he said "Nothing, he grabbed the spoon, and I thought maybe he wanted to try and feed I let him." So after the pictures Kooper got his second bath of the day...and we all had a good laugh!

A cold night in February...

It must have been a cold night in February because this has been the month of babies for me! First came Audrey Grace Cambron, she is my good friend Brandy's first baby girl! She is adorable and loves to be swaddled just like Kooper did. Next came the Simmons twins Michael Wade and Maryn Kathleen. They are adorable and Michael looks just like Gretta and Maryn looks just like her daddy Brian. We have waited for a long time for these little miracles and I felt so blessed to hold them.

The day after the Simmons twins made their apperance....little miss Reese Elizabeth Wright decided that she couldn't wait any longer. She is the daughter of Natalie and David Wright and I think she is a little diva in the making. She is precious and loved by her big brother Davis. A few days after Reese made her entrance into the world my sister in law Kim had baby number three Karis Lillie King. We made a day trip to Houston and we loved spending the day with Karis and her big brother Kody and big sister Kenedy. Every trip makes me wish we lived closer. I think I better start buying birthday presents for next year now! :)