Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kooper's New Friend

This is Kooper's new friend Ava Rose! Her mom Mrs. Betty is keeping Kooper this year while I go back to work. We are so blessed to have her keep Kooper this year. Of course it was hard for me to leave him, but we are so happy that Betty can keep him. Her daughter Ava Rose is 4 and she has a son Isaiah who will be in 4th grade at my school. Betty is a PTO mom at my school as well. Kooper has loved his first week with them! Ava has put on puppet shows for Kooper and Betty has sent me lots of pictures, which I love!


Michelle said...

That is so precious! I am glad Kooper is loving his new friend!

The Seymore's said...

I know that everyone must say this all the time, but Good Lord that child is beautiful! He looks like such a "little man"...I love it!