Thursday, September 4, 2008

All BOY!

It is official...Kooper is all BOY! Tonight I was changing a very stinky diaper before bed and when I opened it up I said in a high pitch voiced "OHHH STINKY!" Kooper thought this was hilarious! Seeing his mom almost lose her dinner just made him laugh more. It was like he was saying "Gotcha MOM!" I know this is the first of many all boy moments!

We have been SUPER busy lately. School just started and I am going to grad school on Wednesday nights, so we are looking forward to the weekend. Marie Q is going to do our family/Kooper's 7 month pics on Saturday. I AM SO EXCITED! I just love Marie and her pictures are always amazing! I will post the link to the pics as soon as I get it! :) Other than that we are just trying to keep up with ourselves in this busy world....


Michelle said...

I saw one of the pics on her site, and Kooper looks so handsome. I see some Ashmore in his smile! Be sure to send us the link when you get it.