Monday, September 8, 2008

Musik Garten

Today was our first class at Musik Garten! WE LOVED IT! Kooper had the best time. I thought that I wouldn't know anyone...well I should have known better living in Waxahachie. Ginger Robinson, Jax mom, and Elisabeth Robinson, Agatha's mom were there, just the three of us and our babies. :) We danced and sang! Ms. Connie is the teacher and we loved her! Ms. Connie gave us little drum sticks and Kooper loved them! When it was time to put them up...HE CRIED! He has never cried when I have taken something away from him...Agatha still had her sticks and Kooper just looked at her and cried harder! We can't wait for next week!


Michelle said...

That sounds so fun!