Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bad...Bad...Bad Blogger!

I have been such a bad blogger! It makes me so mad that I spend so much time on facebook now and I keep saying I am going to get better at blogging...but it hasn't happened yet! We are going to the ENT tomorrow for Kooper...looks like he might need tubes. My brother had them and I have heard of lots of kids having them but I am a bit nervous...we will find out tomorrow! We are also taking Kooper on his first trip to the ZOO on Tuesday! I am so excited! Brandon is taking off and we will have lots of pictures to share! Hopefully I will blog again this week....don't hold your breath!


Mary said...

Hey if I wasn't sitting at home from the hours of 1-3 every day I'd never get a blog post written so don't feel bad!! Instead of laundry, dishes sometimes, I write a new post :) Somehow that's more fun...Have a great trip to the zoo--Hope the doctor sheds some light on what to do for your boy!

Jenny Seymore said...

I post, but I am terrible about adding any pictures into the mix. One day, maybe? I hope that Kooper doesn't have to have tubes, but I know that they are super common these days. Jon & I are tossing around ideas for Lucas this week. I'm thinking of the zoo and Dallas world Aquarium. He needs a little more FUN in his life! Ha!