Sunday, December 28, 2008


Kooper had his first swing experience and his Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff's. He loved it, and the higher Brandon pushed him the bigger his smile got! I see a swing set in our near future!

A day at Ashmore Acre's

Kooper loves to go to Ashmore Acre's and visit Tutu and Pa. My dad bought Kooper a BIG John Deere before he was even I think my dad may have created a monster! Brandon wanted to put Kooper on a BIG tractor and I was worried that it would be to loud for him and he would be scared...BOY WAS I WRONG! He LOVED it! He got in his daddy's lap and grabbed the steering wheel. Brandon took him for a little ride and when they were coming toward the barn a HOT AIR BALLOON landed in the pasture next to my parents. It was so pretty! You never know what will happen at Ashmore Acre's!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Trying to catch up...

I feel like such a bad blogger! I am hoping to get caught up this week. Brandon will be off so maybe I will have a little extra time to upload pictures etc. I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season! More to come soon! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My little Monkey...

Kooper was super sick on Halloween so in November I dressed him up in his Monkey suit and took pictures...of course now it is December and I am just now posting them...Isn't he the cutest!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Kooper has a new favorite toy...his dinousaur rocker his Aunt Wendy gave him. I had no idea he would be able to ride it so soon, but he loves it. It just came natural to him to "giddy up". It makes me laugh so hard because he gets this real serious look on his face! Thanks Aunt Wendy!

Why you should not let your brother feed your baby...

My brother was in town a few weekends ago...and I love when people are over because I can do things I normally can't, like take a long shower. So anyway I asked Mark to feed Kooper while I showered. He said "sure, I can handle that...I saw Brandon do it last problem."Well when I got out I went into the kitchen and Kooper is covered head to toe in food. I asked Mark what went wrong and he said "Nothing, he grabbed the spoon, and I thought maybe he wanted to try and feed I let him." So after the pictures Kooper got his second bath of the day...and we all had a good laugh!

A cold night in February...

It must have been a cold night in February because this has been the month of babies for me! First came Audrey Grace Cambron, she is my good friend Brandy's first baby girl! She is adorable and loves to be swaddled just like Kooper did. Next came the Simmons twins Michael Wade and Maryn Kathleen. They are adorable and Michael looks just like Gretta and Maryn looks just like her daddy Brian. We have waited for a long time for these little miracles and I felt so blessed to hold them.

The day after the Simmons twins made their apperance....little miss Reese Elizabeth Wright decided that she couldn't wait any longer. She is the daughter of Natalie and David Wright and I think she is a little diva in the making. She is precious and loved by her big brother Davis. A few days after Reese made her entrance into the world my sister in law Kim had baby number three Karis Lillie King. We made a day trip to Houston and we loved spending the day with Karis and her big brother Kody and big sister Kenedy. Every trip makes me wish we lived closer. I think I better start buying birthday presents for next year now! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

A weekend of 1st!

This weekend was Kooper's first 5K! We went to Oklahoma to visit Brandon's parents and we took part in the SPIRIT OF SURVIVAL 5K. It raises money for Cancer hospital and research. It was a beautiful day! The sun was shinning and there was a nice breeze. The walk was alongside mountains and a lake. We had a great time! Kooper got to try out his new jogging stroller and he even recieved his first medal! He was so good during the race. He loves being outside! We are going to do two more races coming up. One is for ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease we are walking this 5K with Krisi Cole in honor of her grandmother and then on November 1st we are doing a walk in dallas for diabetic research. As many of you know Brandon was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when Kooper was born. He has done great getting his diabetes under control. We are really proud of him! I kinda got side tracked there...on to more of the 1st this weekend.

It was Kooper's first trip out of state and of course he did fantastic! He also visited his first Pumpkin patch. He wasn't to sure of the "orange round things!" He had some funny looks on his face! We had a great weekend it was so nice and restful! Of course today was really hectic...but most Monday's are!

Happy B-day Tutu!

Tutu's birthday was on Saturday and we were out of we want to wish our Tutu a happy belated birthday! Love you Tu!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today was Brandon's 31st birthday! We had a great day! Brandon loves to cook so he cooked breakfast and dinner for our family and friends. I wish I would have took some pictures but we were too busy with little ones every where! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband! Kooper has the best dad! Happy birthday B...we love you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Kooper loves me but he is really starting to light up when Daddy gets home. The attention immediatly shifts and he wants to be with his dad! He loves playing on the floor with Brandon and hanging out on the patio. This weekend they went to the grocery store so I could work on homework. I am sure my weekends with all of Koopers attention are numbered. Before long it will be all about Daddy! :)

Ready for some football?

We love football season in our house! Looks like Kooper is practicing to be a line man! :) Of course this time last year, I was taking nice long naps during football games and this year I am watching Koop roll and crawl backwards all over the floor! He is getting really close to crawling. I am not encouraging it! I am not ready for him to be every where! I think he is going to be into everything! He is so curious! We are loving every minute of it! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Musik Garten

Today was our first class at Musik Garten! WE LOVED IT! Kooper had the best time. I thought that I wouldn't know anyone...well I should have known better living in Waxahachie. Ginger Robinson, Jax mom, and Elisabeth Robinson, Agatha's mom were there, just the three of us and our babies. :) We danced and sang! Ms. Connie is the teacher and we loved her! Ms. Connie gave us little drum sticks and Kooper loved them! When it was time to put them up...HE CRIED! He has never cried when I have taken something away from him...Agatha still had her sticks and Kooper just looked at her and cried harder! We can't wait for next week!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pictures with Marie Q

Today Marie Q took Kooper's 7 month pictures. We wanted to do 6 month pictures, but he wasn't sitting up yet so we waited until 7 months. She is just amazing! I cannot wait to see all of the pictures. She always puts a picture from your day on her blog. I have been looking all day and I just found it. I LOVE IT! Kooper is growing so much! We walked all over down town and took tons of pictures. I just love Waxahachie's down town. You always run into someone you know...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

All BOY!

It is official...Kooper is all BOY! Tonight I was changing a very stinky diaper before bed and when I opened it up I said in a high pitch voiced "OHHH STINKY!" Kooper thought this was hilarious! Seeing his mom almost lose her dinner just made him laugh more. It was like he was saying "Gotcha MOM!" I know this is the first of many all boy moments!

We have been SUPER busy lately. School just started and I am going to grad school on Wednesday nights, so we are looking forward to the weekend. Marie Q is going to do our family/Kooper's 7 month pics on Saturday. I AM SO EXCITED! I just love Marie and her pictures are always amazing! I will post the link to the pics as soon as I get it! :) Other than that we are just trying to keep up with ourselves in this busy world....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kooper's New Friend

This is Kooper's new friend Ava Rose! Her mom Mrs. Betty is keeping Kooper this year while I go back to work. We are so blessed to have her keep Kooper this year. Of course it was hard for me to leave him, but we are so happy that Betty can keep him. Her daughter Ava Rose is 4 and she has a son Isaiah who will be in 4th grade at my school. Betty is a PTO mom at my school as well. Kooper has loved his first week with them! Ava has put on puppet shows for Kooper and Betty has sent me lots of pictures, which I love!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday's at Oma's

On Saturday morning you can find us at Oma's in Waxahachie. It has kinda become a weekly ritual. We always meet Jeff there...sometimes Amy makes it but mostly just Jeff. Kooper loves his Uncle Jeff. Jeff will entertain Kooper while we eat. We told the owner Jimmy that Kooper needs an Oma's onsie! We love the food although it is far from healthy! I hope everyone has a great week especially you teachers out there! See you on Saturday at Oma's! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I can't believe I have neglected my blog and my bloggin friends! My apologies! I have had a very busy week. I have been working on getting my classroom ready...I can't believe I go back to work on Monday! YIKES! This year I will be teaching 3rd grade (my first time) so I have a new room and lots of new stuff to learn. My mother in law Dodie came into town on Sunday night and stayed with us until today. She kept Koop while I worked in my room...she also did ALL the laundry...cooked dinner everynight and cleaned up after us! I almost cried when she left :( I am looking forward to tomorrow and Friday, my last 2 days of vacation with my little man. Kooper is growing so fast. He is cutting his first tooth, rolling and back scooting all over the place and sitting up pretty good with some help. I just can't believe how fast he is starting to do stuff. I am going to miss being at home with him! I will add some pics and post before the weekend!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Tio!

Happy 28th Birthday Mark a.k.a. Kooper's Tio! We are so sad we can't be with you today but we know you will have a great birthday! We love you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008





P.S. Happy Birthday to Aunt Amy....we won't tell you how old she is! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Two Showers, The Princess & a Surprise!

WOW! What a weekend! I was honored to be apart of 2 wonderful baby showers for dear friends. On Saturday, we had a shower for Gretta Simmons...she is having a baby boy and a baby girl this October! She got lots of great things and it was so much fun for everyone to get together and celebrate this special time with her and her family! On Sunday afternoon we had a shower for Brandy Cambron who is having a little girl in October. Brandy and I have been friends forever and I am so excited she will be having a baby soon! It was great to see old friends at her shower. She also got a lot of great baby stuff at her shower. Both of the showers were at my mom's house...THANKS MOM! I know she is exhausted but she loves to have showers and entertain at her house. After the shower on Sunday afternoon, we went to Harper's 5th birthday party! It was so much fun! She had her party at "It's a GIRL THANG" in Cedar Hill. She was the Bell of the Ball! We also had a little surprise this brother made a surprise visit from Austin! We didn't get to spend much time with him, but it is always good to see him! LOVE YOU TIO!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yesterday was Kooper's Pa's 60th Birthday! We celebrated in style with John Deere Birthday hats! We went to our favorite place...Campuzano's...we should have stock in that place! We had a great time! Pa loves John Deere so Kooper wanted to dress up today and tell him Happy B-day! We love you Pa!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Kooper and I went to HEB today to get some fruits and veggies so I can make more baby food. I really thought I would just try out this baby food making business and then just buy it from the store, but it is so easy that I am still making it and don't think I will stop! It is so good! I just made bananas and they were DELICIOUS!

Anyway we were at the store and several strangers stopped us and looked at Kooper and told me how cute he was. Of course this makes any mother proud, but then there are the strangers, who cross the line!!!! I was getting frozen peaches when this lady comes up and says "Oh I just love those cute baby toes! They are so cute! I just want to eat them up!" Ok, not a big deal but right after she said it.....she actually kissed Koopers feet! The lady put her dirty MOUTH ON MY KIDS TOES! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was in such just to send me over the edge...SHE DID IT AGAIN! I was in such shock I didn't know what to say! We got out of the store ASAP! I just want everyone to know that if I don't know you and even if I am a good friend of yous...I will not put my mouth on your little ones toes...and I think it would be a good idea if you did the same! :)

From Belly to Back

While I am enjoying every nap I can squeeze in...Kooper would rather not nap now that he is rolling over. He would much rather play. When it is his nap time, I put him down on his tummy. Lately if he isn't really tired he will roll himself over and scoot to his Baby Einstein toy turtle on the side of his crib and I will here the music through the monitor. It is so funny when I walk in and catch him. He just smiles at me and that makes it even harder to put him back down! He is smart and he knows that smile of his can get him a long way with me! I guess I need to take his turtle out of his crib but knowing Kooper, he will find something else to play with! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nap of all Naps

For those of you who know me well, you know how much I love to nap. I love naps, especailly nice, long naps...I don't waste my time with college power naps anymore. Today my wonderful husband took the monitor and shut our bedroom door and let me nap while he took care of Kooper. It had to be the best nap I have had in months. It is funny how light you sleep when you are a mother(especially a new mother). Most nights Kooper is really quiet but you still know the monitor is on and you never fall deep asleep....I didn't want to get up today because I was had such a good rest. It is funny the things that are exciting to you when you have a baby! Thanks for the nap B! Love you!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Missin' my Tutu and Pa...

Tutu and Pa have taken their first vacation since Koop arrived...they have gone to Missouri to visit some friends. We really miss them...especially Koop...this is offically the longest Tutu has ever gone without seeing Koop...Miss you Tu!

Pa....does this remind you of anyone?

When Kooper started eating baby food, my dad told me a little story about myself when I started eating baby food....everytime I would get a bite, I would put my thumb in my mouth and the food would run all the way down my elbow. Well tonight my son decided he would find his thumb and do the same. After almost every bite, he would put his thump in his mouth, and even though the food didn't run down his elbow, he made quite a mess! I love the story...but not the mess!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kooper's first trip under the water!

Kooper took his first trip underwater this week! I was a little scared of how he would react because I taught many a mom & tot class and saw what little ones did on their first underwater experience. But true to Kooper's laid back attitude, he did wonderful! Of course he has this look of suprise on his face when he comes up but then he smiles and all is well...I am so glad he loves the water!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Staycation 2008!

This year instead of a vacation...we had a staycation at my parents house. With the new pool and outdoor kitchen, it seemed like a great idea! My brother came in from Austin and we just hung out all weekend! We all spent the night and had a great time! This was also a family birthday party for my dad....He is going to be 60 next Tuesday! SHHHH!


WE DID IT! Kooper is offically swaddle free! He has been out of his swaddle for a few weeks now. He made it really easy on me! My mom (Tutu) was the biggest help! She even spent the night with us for his first swaddle free night. He woke up several times but Tutu was there to get him back asleep. I don't know what we would do without her! She does so much for us and helps me everyday! Thanks Tutu! We love you!

Morning Walks

Every morning we go walking with the Wright's! Kooper and I go over to Natalie & Davis' house and we walk for 45 minutes with the boys. They love it! Kooper normally naps, even though Natalie and I do our best to keep him awake. Davis has a few things he takes with him every day on our walk...he has his milk, his frog (who gets strapped in the extra seat beside him), a book, and a golf club. He just hangs out and plays with one of his toys. He loves to share his milk with Kooper. He will give it to me, and I lay it in Kooper's seat for a while. It is so cute how much Davis loves Kooper and loves to share with him. Of course while Davis is playing and Kooper is sleeping, Natalie and I do our best to solve the world's problems every morning at 8am! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Head Chef

Brandon is the Head Chef in our house. I am trying to start cooking more, but he is just so good at it! For Father's day we got him a new outdoor grill of sorts. Some Saturday mornings he cooks our family and friends a wonderful breakfast! He cooks the best taquitos ever! He loves to cook for us and our friends and family! I am starting out with the baby food and trying to do some adult food! Who knows, maybe I will be his sous chef one day! :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Koop's new hobby!

I am sure most you have been checking in everyday to see what we have been up to! :) We have been very busy, because Kooper has a new hobby! HE LOVES TO SWIM! His TuTu and Pa just put in a swimming pool. We have been out there almost everyday since it had water in it. Kooper loves to wear his sunglasses and cowboy hat. He just hangs out and relaxes in the water. He has NO fear! He loves it! So we have been busy enjoying the pool!
I just finished up another grad school class...only 3 more to go and I will have my masters! I am ready to get it over with. So we have been out and about! More later! :)

Friday, June 27, 2008


I love my mom's pears!

My Cousin Kingslee

Today I went to have lunch with my cousin Kingslee...we had a great time! We got lots of pictures...we were so cute holding hands!

Koop and the swaddle

Kooper loves his miracle blanket! My friends Anna and Michelle told me it was a must! We got it when he was about a month old because he was getting out of the recieving blankets I was using to swaddle him. We have loved the blanket but now he is getting too big for it! He can't sleep without it! When he is tired and I swaddle him in it there is this look of relief on his face. He is starting to get out of it on his own and when he does he gets really upset, because he gets his hands in his face and wakes himself up. So I need to set a day aside and get ready for the crying and teach him how to sleep on his own without the miracle blanket!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Koop Helping Me with the baby food!

OOPS! I forgot to add this picture of Kooper helping me in the kitchen with the baby food!

Making Baby Food!

Today I made my first batch of baby food! I don't know why I am trying to get so domestic...I mean I don't even cook dinner at night for Brandon! I just thought I would give it a I made pears...boiled and then put them in the food processor...and then into the ice trays! I hope Kooper likes them! My kitchen sure was messy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visit with Wendy and the Girls!

We had such a great day today! We got to spend the full day with Wendy, Harper & London! We went to Chick fil A...we thought that it would be a good idea, but it was like being in the middle of a really BAD daycare! There were kids EVERYWHERE screaming! Then we went back to our house and London took a nap and Harper and Kooper played a bit...we had a great day!

Kooper & Harper Leigh
London on the move!

Blog: Day 1

Well I have decided to get creative(now that Kooper is sleeping through the night and taking good naps) and start a Blog. We take so many pictures of Kooper and our family and I think this will be the perfect way to share them with our friends and family!

Yesterday Kooper got his 4 month shots...he was not happy about this. He is doing better today a little fever but that is it! Today we are spending the day with my dear friend Wendy and her girls Harper and London. They moved to Curacao about a year ago and the last time they were home was at Christmas. I am so excited to show Kooper off today! I will post some pictures later :)

Guess that is all for now!